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Gel Blaster at WHSmith

Gel Blaster has one guiding principle that influences everything they do - go play! Gel Blasters are the perfect way to get friends and family together outside playing and having fun.

Storm into adrenaline-filled, competitive play with Gel Blasters - featuring hydrated rounds that burst and dissolve on impact meaning tons of fun and zero mess. Rechargeable, non-toxic, and safe - Gel Blasters are fully customisable so you can charge into battle in a league of your own. Suitable for 14+ years.

Gel Blaster Surge

Gel Blaster Surge

Includes 10,000 water-based pellets that burst and dissolve on impact. Get your target in your sights and shoot with semi and fully-automatic blast modes.

With up to 4 hours of playtime with each charge - garden water fights have never been so awesome!

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