History Heroes

History Heroes at WHSmith

History Heroes create award-winning, quality design games that are fun and educational for all ages. Made in the UK their packaging is 100% recyclable and made from sustainable card.

Designed to be a game that players from 8 to 80+ can enjoy together, History Heroes aim to provide entertainment, a little learning, some healthy competition and lots of fun.

Each topic has 40 heroes to explore - from artists to famous explorers to inventors, every game captures a piece of history and tells a cracking story!

How to play History Heroes

Who wants to play a card game?

Play history heroes anytime, anywhere. Each card includes three different levels of fact - from easy to hard - making History Heroes the perfect game for complete beginners through to history buffs.

Win the cards by guessing the famous characters from the facts on the cards. Suitable Age: 8+

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