Sylvanian Families

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Launched in 1985, Sylvanian Families is one of the most beloved toy brands in the UK

The elaborately detailed collection of distinctive animal characters along with playsets including houses, shops, furniture, and accessories, allow children to craft their own stories, while helping them to develop social skills and emotional intelligence through imaginative and wholesome play.

As well as being highly collectible, many Sylvanian products also connect together so fans can grow their Sylvanian Village and create their own unique Sylvanian World.

The Red Roof Cosy Cottage

The Red Roof Cosy Cottage is perfect for anyone new to Sylvanian Families.

This set contains a house, basic furniture and Chocolate Rabbit Girl, Freya, figure. The kitchen also comes with fun gimmicks! Bake an apple pie or pour water from the tap. Use the post box and parcel to send and receive post!

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