Richard & Judy Review Over Sharing by Jane Fallon

Richard & Judy Introduce Over Sharing by Jane Fallon

Over Sharing is a hilarious, wickedly sharp revenge comedy. It had me (Judy) laughing out loud reading it in bed until one in the morning. Meet Iris, once Iris of the happy home and happy marriage. Until divorce ruins her life. Who does she blame? Social influencer Maddy. Maddy preaches happy families, faithfulness, devoted motherhood. Iris thinks she’s an outrageous fake. And proving it will make her very, very happy. A top read from the gifted Jane Fallon.

Judy's Review

Judy's Review:

What gives so-called ‘social influencers’ the right to… well, influence us?

Who are they anyway? Who appointed them to take the steering wheel of our lives and point us in the direction they choose? What exactly are they getting out of it? And can they do more harm than good?

Jane Fallon’s witty, edgy, bitter-sweet new revenge novel dives straight into these questions and more. Meet social influencer Maddy Fulford. Maddy specialises in happy families. Preaches about them, more like. The importance of loyalty, fidelity, dedicated parenthood, devoted self-sacrifice, yah-di-dah.

She, of course, is Mrs Perfect.

She posts videos of her own wholesome family life with her oh-so-wonderful husband and their adorable twin girls. If Maddy Fulford can attain perfection – and look, there are the pictures to prove it – why can’t you.

Richard's Review:

Millions buy into the Fulford fantasy.

Because fantasy is what it is – at least according to Iris. Iris doesn’t believe a single, solitary word of it. More than that, she blames Maddy Fulford for destroying her own marriage and ruining her life.

Iris had it all – beautiful home, loving husband, prospect of motherhood, plenty of money... now, all gone. No children. No partner. And barely two pennies to rub together – Iris is so hard up she is forced to rent out her spare bedroom to make ends meet.

Iris believes Maddy Fulford’s rank hypocrisy is to blame. And she’s going to prove the woman is a fraud. Bringing her down won’t just deliver sweet revenge: it will make Iris truly happy again.

Richard's Review

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