Richard & Judy Review Payday

Richard & Judy Introduce Payday by Celia Walden

Jamie Lawrence is a misogynistic heel. Charming, untrustworthy, nasty and duplicitous. He’s also a sexual predator, perfectly comfortable with taking advantage of the women who work for him. Maybe that’s why he meets such a sudden, grisly end. And if so …. who’s guilty? A genuinely gripping tale from Celia Walden.

Richard's Review

Richard's Review:

This is stirring stuff for any woman who’s ever had the misfortune to work for a nasty, abusive, bullying, throughgoing b****** of a male boss. And almost at once it begs the question: ‘What would YOU do?’ Indeed. Moving beyond the normal revenge fantasies most would legitimately enjoy after yet another day working for such a vile man, Celia Walden moves into the enticing possibilities of direct action. Or, put more accurately, the sweet satisfaction of revenge.

We know the outcome from chapter one – the hated boss in question is found on a building site, impaled on iron railings, a brutally sharp spike running directly through his stomach. But how did it happen? Why did it happen? Was it suicide? And if not, who is responsible

Judy's Review:

Three women working at the same company have one thing in common. They all loathe their boss, Jamie Lawrence. He is superficially attractive. ‘Pretty-boy looks, still there beneath the extra stone he now carried around his jowls and waist… the height from which he inclined his head to hold your gaze that bit too long… that marauding smile that made you feel lucky to be in on the joke with him.’

But, without giving any plot spoilers, those three women have very powerful but separate reasons to want to punish Jamie. At an office party they pool their experiences and make a pact: together they will find a way to make him pay for the shameful way he has treated them.

But those plans begin to spiral out of control. And then Jamie is found dead. What happened? You’ll enjoy finding out – and stand by for a terrific twist!

Judy's Review