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Explore our exciting collection of gift sets from Airfix. With a variety of sets available, from quick-builds for beginners to advanced sets for more established modellers you’ll find the perfect gift with Airfix!

Modelzone at WHSmith!

Scale model specialists Modelzone have been a household name with collectors for decades; offering popular brands such as Hornby Hobbies, Airfix, Corgi and Scalextric!

Although most famous in the 90s and 00s, the company originated way back in 1937 as a little store in Brighton, before being bought as a place to showcase prestigious imported models in the 1970s. Hugely popular and successful enough to start opening more stores across the South of England, the company eventually expanded into Scalextric and Corgi sets, changed its name to Modelzone and continued to attract a huge community of fans and collectors throughout the 1990s.

Today Modelzone is still the much-loved destination for hobbyists and collectors seeking something new to add to their collections. Now owned by WHSmith, the Modelzone brand continues to create that sense of wonder and discovery for new model collectors and excite those of us who still remember the old model shops from our childhoods. Explore the scale model cars, trains, aircraft, tracks, accessories and more at WHSmith, and let these famous model kits capture your imagination once again.