Richard & Judy Review The Last Passenger by Will Dean

Richard & Judy Introduce The Last Passenger by Will Dean

A tale not so much of the unexpected, but the impossible. Picture this. You’re on a giant ocean-going liner (much bigger than the Titanic) steaming from Southampton to New York. The voyage has only just begun; you and over a thousand fellow passengers are enjoying their first evening meal on board. Everyone drifts off to bed and the great ship settles for the night. You wake next morning to find everyone – everyone; passengers AND crew – have vanished. It’s just you. And the great ship steams on… utterly engrossing, from the first page to the last.

Richard's Review

Richard's Review:

In many ways The Last Passenger is a classic ‘locked room’ mystery; a sort of literary conjuring trick where the impossible seems to have happened.

There is simply no way you will guess the answer to the central conundrum until you get to the end. No way. Unless you cheat! And what a riddle!

Caz Ripley is a hard-working café owner from a small, everyday town. Her new-ish and hugely affectionate boyfriend Pete decides she needs a break, so books them Platinum-class on the luxury liner RMS Atlantica for a seven-day voyage from Southampton to New York - the Titanic route. But disaster strikes Atlantica much sooner than it overtook Titanic. Something happens on the very first night at sea; something so inexplicable, so impossible, Caz thinks she may be going mad.

Perhaps she is…

Judy's Review:

Caz and Pete slip into bed together in their luxury cabin on their first night at sea.

There’s been some tension between them – Pete wanted to visit the casino after dinner, but Caz is allergic to gambling because of childhood trauma involving her gaming-addict father – so they don’t make love, but simply drift off into a reasonably companionable sleep, lulled by the gentle rocking of the ship.

Next morning, Caz wakes and stretches out her hand to caress Pete. But the sheets are cold. Where can he be? Wandering into the long corridor outside the cabin, Caz gets a profound shock. All the other cabin doors are wedged open. All are empty. Beds neatly made. Everyone’s luggage gone.

It gets worse. The entire ship turns out to be deserted. No passengers, no crew – not even on the bridge. Yet still the empty liner ploughs remorselessly on through the Atlantic swell.

Just what the HELL has happened? You’ll get a huge kick finding out.

Judy's Review

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