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Richard and Judy Book Club - Last Letter Home

Nerves shredded by internet trolls, historian Briony takes refuge with friends in Italy, where she discovers long-buried secrets that will re-connect her with her grandfather, stationed there during WW2. Beautifully told along a dual time line, the reader follows both stories, with Briony determined to piece together the history of her family.

Handed a bundle of fading letters found in the house after the war, Briony embarks on a journey that will take her – and us – more than 70 years into the past. We find Sarah Baily in the Norfolk village of Westbury. It is 1939, the first year of the war, and she befriends a local gardener, Paul Hartmann. Paul is German and his position extremely delicate.

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Richard and Judy Book Club - End Game

Will Robie is a US government full-time assassin, an accredited hit man who travels the globe to eliminate enemies planning terrorist attacks and mass murder. Together with his partner, Jessica Reel, he solves unimaginable crimes, however this time even if he succeeds, he knows the worst is yet to come. He knows he has one chance to get this right, one chance to save the city.

Richard describes the book: "Put a government assassin with a deadly sniper, throw in a terrorist plot to detonate a powerful bomb on the underground, add a twist and you have Baldacci’s latest bestseller. Fast, taut, and unputdownable."

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Richard and Judy Book Club - You Me Everything

Set in the idyllic French countryside of the Dordogne in summer this is a tender, heart-wrenching novel about love, motherhood and hope. Jess and her ten-year-old son William set off to spend the summer in a château deep in the undulating hills. There, her ex-boyfriend Adam runs an exquisite hotel in a restored castle and has had little to do with William's upbringing.

This is not just a holiday. Jess is fulfilling her Mother's dying wishes for William to have his father in his life. Over the summer bridges are built, and secrets are uncovered, but there is one truth that nobody must discover... especially William. This is a classic, bitter-sweet love story in the same vein as the best-selling Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

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